about me

It's always awkward to write a biography. What's special about me? What's important for you to know? How much do you really care? I have kids, but you probably managed to guess that already and I hope to be more.

If you're looking at my blog as part of my portfolio of professional writing, you're pretty much my worst nightmare. Haha. Just kidding. Kind of. Anyway, if so, you might be like, "Holy shit, this chick is a mess! She just said 'holy shit' in her about section!" But you're basically reading my diary; that makes us both weird. I’m not a mess, just really human.

I am freezing time through text, and one day when I re-read my life here I will be (mostly) glad I was real. I love words and feelings and thoughts and the writer in me needs to do this. Thanks for being here. Don’t judge me for it.

(I hope you'll stay. Please love me.)

If you would like to contact me, email me at ashleyquitefrankly at gmail dotcom but please be patient, the inbox gets overwhelming and this is supposed to be a hobby. I'm better at stuff I get paid to do.