Thursday, November 7, 2013

Take Two

Tomorrow is the next session of teacher training.

I need to clean the house up and pack and I should probably, you know, do that homework they asked me to do and read those two books I didn't really read because I'm pretty sure I know that stuff already even though I totally don't. I have a rented Rug Doctor sitting here and a rug that smells faintly of pee. I have out of town company in town this weekend. I have no clean yoga pants.

But I did get my eyebrows done and my roots touched up (in anticipation of more staring at strangers.)

Someone (from here, actually, super nice!) bought me a book called Yoga Bitch and it's cracking me up. I'm going to go all creepy stalker on the author and force her to be my best friend because we're the same person but she got to go to Bali for her teacher training. She was also with people who drink their own pee, so I don't know, Bali probably wouldn't have been the right choice for me. But I've sat here for the last 15 minutes staring at the internet and trying to justify just taking a little rest time to read more of it. The fact that it is yoga related is part of my justification.

I will most certainly regret this decision when my teacher is shouting at me to call out the True North Points of Alignment (if it's even called that, I don't know anymore) but I've got a few reasons why it's a good idea right now.

I think I'll have a coffee and read while I drink it and then I'll have tons of energy and motivation for house cleaning and laundry and Rug Doctoring and packing and studying. Right?

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Cindy * GoodHaus Design said...

Sounds about how I operate. So, yes. Right. (Good luck.)