Tuesday, January 13, 2015


My car wouldn't start today. My steering wheel was locked into an odd position and I couldn't turn it or my key in the ignition. I googled it for a recommendation that did not work. I called my husband and got the same advice that did not work. I got increasingly upset as my efforts went unrewarded and he eventually had to leave work to race to the house to make sure our 8-year-old wasn't locked out and then to my work to fix the car.

He did what I had done before--yanked the wheel back and forth while jiggling the key in the ignition.

Then he pushed the car gently backwards while I tried the wheel and key.

Then I also might have acted like a jerk because I was frustrated and none of it made sense to me and because I'm a jerk sometimes. Might have. I could be misremembering that part.

Finally he admitted defeat and I thought we'd have to call AAA to tow it. I went to lock it with the keyless entry and that wouldn't even work so I handed him the keys to figure it out and flounced off to his car.

As I placed my bag on the floorboard, it bulged open and I saw my keys inside.

Confused, I reached inside. I pressed the lock button and my car locked. I could see my husband standing across the parking lot with the keys in his hand, confused.

"Oh. I think those maybe aren't my keys," I said because what can you say at that point? I added, "Sorry about that." Because I guess that's what you're supposed to say. But to be fair (to me), these keys were identical to mine--a VW key with one bronze key and one silver key on a plain keyring, and I found them next to my bag, at the desk I was sitting at.

I'm still pretty sure they were my keys, and that a time-slip or cloning conspiracy or supernatural phenomenon is the only plausible explanation.

Because I can't be wrong.


Elise said...

Definitely a supernatural phenomenon. But it made me laugh out loud, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Yours keys have a double-ganger!!!! I understand we all have them, so why can't inanimate objects? Because there's no way you were wrong.

Sarah J. said...

I blame whoever put their keys near you. You're not wrong!!