Sunday, June 19, 2016

Creeping Along

"My doctor said I should have come in a long time ago and that they will probably put me in one of those boots," I was explaining my need for a podiatrist (I'm so middle aged, people) when little kid interrupted, "Mom! No!"

"What? The boot? I know. Not a convenient time for it. I should have taken it more seriously when I first thought I broke it."

"Seriously, I wouldn't do it. Your legs are fabuloso. A boot would look weird. Don't get me wrong, if anyone could rock a boot, it would be you, but still, your legs are nice."

"You are a total and complete creep," Big Kid replied.

"Why? Because our mom has nice legs?"

"Yes. That's the weirdest thing in the world."

"No, it's not, because she's my MOM. I can say my mom has nice legs and would look kind of, well, dorky in a boot."

He is a little creepy, but I also appreciate the input.

When you're at an age to actually need a foot doctor, you take compliments wherever you can get them and just pay for the therapy later.

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