Sunday, July 31, 2016

Stranger Things

Guys, summer is forever. 

There's a lot going on, and that's part of the problem. 

There's so much going on. And nothing at all going on. It feels rather terminal, but I know it is not.  The challenge lies in remembering that it will all be over soon.  I love my kids, and I hate packing lunches, but I dare anyone to ask me for a popsicle one more time. Seriously. Ask me. Do it. 

I fucking dare you. 

My saving grace has been Stranger Things on Netflix. I'm not into horror, or sci-fi, or cool shit that everyone else likes, but I was hooked from the very second I saw the promo still for the first episode. 

It's like if Stephen King and the Goonies and everything good about the '80s had a baby. I love the cast and the costumes and the story line -- and let's face it, Winona Ryder is a bad ass and always will be. Stranger Things is like a time machine back to my childhood with a little more terror and mystery. 

Escaping back to the '80s each night has been a blessing in disguise this summer, even if it involves aliens and scary shit. 

Go ahead and enjoy a psychological thriller that doesn't involve snack food or outings with camp kids present. 

And may God bless every mom, and help us through this trying time. 

*I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and get free Netflix in exchange for my opinions -- yeah, it's a sweet gig. 

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