Wednesday, September 19, 2012


"I was thinking, maybe when we have the outdoor movie night in October, we could make it a zombie party!" I announced to Big Kid, with great excitement.

"Uh...didn't you want to have a zombie party last year?"

"Yes! I really want to!"

He sighed, looking tired. Looking like the responsible parent who would have to fund the zombie party, and clean up after it.

"What? You don't like the idea?"

"It's just...weird."


"You can't tell people what to be for Halloween!"

"It won't be ON Halloween. Like a Saturday or two before."

"That's even weirder. You're asking people to dress as zombies NOT on Halloween?"

"Yes. To watch a movie."

"Why zombies?"

"Because I want to have a bunch of zombies hanging around outside."

"That's very weird. Sorry."

"I might still do it."

"Oooooooookay," he said sarcastically (or star-tastically, as he hilariously pronounced it for years).

Pretty sure that means I have to do it.


mmunford2000 said...

Funny! On a side note, we have a zombie movie being filmed in the next town from us (in GA) and you will randomly see zombies walking around town!

Sasha said...

Ha! Sometimes P doesn't like my hairbrained ideas either. He looks at me like Ricky looks at Lucy like he just can't even believe what I come up with! :-)