Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Coming...

It's the end of the school year and I am flat out over it. I wish teachers would keep this in mind while planning elaborate year-end projects and parties. In the past week, I've helped make a product to sell at market, create an invention and presentation, and bought dress clothes for a musical. These are all things that would have been exciting at the beginning of the year but now they are soul-sucking endeavors that make me want to home school, and by home school, I mean hire someone else to home school my kids at their home.

Last week little kid lost his homework, after completing it but prior to turning it in, usually a grave offense. But, really, this time I just didn't care. I was annoyed and mildly embarrassed but I felt okay writing the teacher a note telling her not to give him credit and to feel free to make him redo it. I felt like adding, "Because I don't care!" because I don't care. If that makes me a terrible parent, that's okay, too, because I don't care. It's actually kind of nice not to care.

I was really looking forward to summer and long, lazy days with my boys...and then we had the 4 day Memorial Day weekend and I realized I'm ill-equipped for long, lazy days with my boys. I'm tired of washing uniforms and signing stuff but I'm also smart enough to know that these upcoming months are not going to be easy.

Mr. Ashley's all, "Do they really need summer camp?" and I'm all, "HELL YES THEY NEED SUMMER CAMP! Why do you hate me?"

I need summer camp. That would actually be pretty awesome, to pack my own lunch and gather my own clothes and go off somewhere so people could entertain me for hours. Kind of like work, but more of it should happen outside.

I really love my kids, I just don't love dealing with school or dealing with no school.

That's all.


Julie H said...

Today is the last day of school here too. Lucky for me though I go to work and the kids are old enough to stay home but they tend to whine about having food all summer for some reason.

moonpants said...

I feel ill-equipped for summer vacation too. This is my first summer home with my kids in 5 years and I keep saying things like "oh we'll go to the library and the pool and the park. It will be great!" When I really want to say "Oh we'll try to see how often others will invite you to their house so mommy can be lazy in a quiet house again."

I don't know how good I'll be at this whole SAHM thing. I guess they'll live.