Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 3

So, we're 3 days into summer.

By hour 2, I was hatching up plans to run away from home. This is not hyperbole either, even though I do love hyperbole; I was literally looking up yoga ashrams that let you exchange work for temporary room and board and classes and was thinking of how I could pitch this as a potential book idea.


It would have been a hard sell.

Also, these places looked kind of strict-ish and our viewpoints on comfortable accommodations vary. They probably didn't even have wi-fi. Most didn't allow coffee. It would've been a disaster -- thus, the book idea. It would've been a hilarious disaster. But anyway, I'm sorry for all of the bad things I ever said about car rider line and homework helping...turns out it was a pretty fair deal after all.

And I know my kids aren't even badly behaved, they're just kids and kids are annoying. We're partying it up anyway, though. We had the annual kick-off party on the last day and everything.

Photo: McCann Bros. Summer edition 

Last night Big Kid had twin friends spend the night.  When their mom arrived to drop them off,  I asked if she'd like to have a glass of wine while we talked for a minute and she said, "Was I actually screaming that out loud as I walked through the door? I mean, I've been thinking about drinking since I woke up, but I didn't know others could hear me." I told her it's summer -- all moms are walking around screaming that in their head.

I took the kids to the water park today so that the lifeguards could help me watch them, which I think is some next level genius slacker parenting right there. Thankfully, my mom bought us an annual pass to the park, and it will probably save them from a future of telling their therapist about that time their mom spent several months with some crazy yoga cult. Again. 

I've also been crazy busy working because I'm now blogging for Shutterfly's and ebay, which is awesome but also tricky to schedule around important announcements about Minecraft or some guy's YouTube video. You can see the first of my posts, about photographing siblings, here

The adorable kids pictured there also come from a family with twins, and when I told their mom that  I needed to borrow some or all of her kids in the next day or so, without providing a reason, she simply said, "Take as many of my kids as you want whenever you need them." I'd say that's true friendship, but I suspect people who have twins just really need to get rid of some kids on occasion. It worked out for everyone.

Anyway, that's how summer is starting for me. Slowly and loudly.

Good luck, mom friends, and cheers to us all.


Sarah said...

Loved the photographing siblings post!!

Unknown said...

Cheers to summer! Congrats on all the new work!