Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Goal Setting

I'm going to a goal setting workshop tonight, mostly because it's a great excuse to buy two new notebooks and a nice pen. I don't really need two, but I saw two that I liked, and you can never have too many goals, right?

Here's my goal list so far:

1. Buy label maker. Mine broke and I'm certain there has been a sharp decline in productivity since that time. Or at least a sharp decline in neatly labeled items.

2. Buy 2 journals. Accomplishing that this afternoon, booyah!

3. Find out if people still say booyah.

4. Dedicate an entire paycheck to having ALL laundry sent to the Drop n' Fold and having housekeepers come and clean my house just one time.

I've been giving a lot of thought to #4 and I'm pretty sure it would solve 98% of my problems in life. I'm capable of maintaining a clean house, just not the actual cleaning, right? Right. Pretty sure. Assuming one of the housekeepers would put the laundry away because I hate that part.

The thought started off as a joke but is slowly evolving into a real possibility. No one thinks it's a waste of money to pay landscapers to cut our grass (no one in this household, anyway), how is house cleaning any different? It would bring me far more joy than a vacation, more clothes to wash, or a spa treatment.

I had earmarked that money to take the kids to a waterpark at some point this summer, but today I'm going to wrestle some of the laundry onto the scale and estimate how much financial damage this goal would do. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that a sparkling clean house (and an accomplished goal) is more fun than waterslides.

This kids can use the Slip n' Slide while I make labels for my new journals and the housekeepers help me achieve my goals.



Unknown said...

I have tried to convince my husband to let me have a housekeeper come in every month or so but so far I have been unsuccessful. I used to have a neighbor that cleaned houses on the side but didn't want to ask her because I'd rather have a stranger judge my obvious distaste of deep cleaning than someone I knew.

I totally agree that it's so nice and relaxing to have a clean house and HELLO - BONUS if someone else does it! A guy friend years ago said that women like to clean and while I resisted punching him in the face I said "no - we like it DONE and it seems we are the ones that are doing it so it's more 'do this so it gets done and I'll be happy'kind of thing... DICK."

Also - I have this crazy love for office supplies and pretty organizational things <3

TH said... I'm currently in your part of Hell called "Florida" (North of you...Weeki Wachee), I would vote housekeeper/pay for laundry. It is ENTIRELY too hot to consider cleaning, doing laundry, even moving around seems to be too much.

I thought Atlanta was hot & humid. I was wrong. We're considering moving to Florida but if we do, I'm pretty sure I'll have to shave my head. It seems that long, thick hair and Florida don't mix.

Jen said...

We had a team come clean our house for the first time this week. We have 2 working parents and a toddler...and something had to give.

It was the best $120 I have ever spent, in my life. The go-forward every-other-week cleans will cost us $100 and I told my husband if push came to shove, the funds would come out of my wine budget. YES, I OFFERED TO GIVE UP WINE (or at least decrease the spending on...). We live in the northeast in a high cost of living area so I bet you could get it for less in FL.

Other ways I've justified it to myself:
- about the cost of one dinner out (more if you factor in the babysitter)- I would gladly give that up!
- it would take me 2 days to get the house as clean as these people get it in 2-3 hours--they found dust in places i didn't even know existed.

I do all my own laundry, though. But I have a toddler who will play in the bath for hours and a Washer/dryer in her i just fold laundry while she splashes.

Ashley said...

TH, I love that area!! But yeah, you have to give up on frizz-free hair if you're in Florida.

I'm still seriously considering a house cleaner and have been doing a ton of laundry and WILL take the rest to the drop and fold so I can return from vacation all caught up!

Anonymous said...

It seems like Big Kid is old enough to do laundry. And Little Kid is old enough to fold it. Then it would be done, and they could still go to the water park. Weren't you doing chores like that at their ages?

But, yes, if you pay someone to mow the lawn, you totally should pay someone to clean the house - they are exactly equivalent chores: never-ending, repetitive, low-skill, but necessary.