Monday, October 10, 2016

Walk Through Life

Today on the way to school my 10-year-old pointed out an old lady walking on the sidewalk with a younger man.

"I bet that's her son and I bet he's taking her to church," he noted. "That's really nice."

We love the old people who go to the church across from his school, and their many modes of transportation. It's a block from the beach, so they ride street legal golf carts, shuffle along with their walkers, or, our favorite is a guy that has to be in his '90s who rides his mobility scooter -- orange flag flying high -- right down the street and into our turning lane.

"When I'm an old lady will you walk me to church?" It was one of those moments that made me overly emotional, because I know he would.

"Of course!" He was quiet for a moment, I thought probably sentimental like me. "No offense, mom, but I don't see you asking to go to church, though."

"Well, will you walk me to yoga?"


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