Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Still Stronger Together

Something amazing happened today.

After an angsty morning, a few Facebook unfriendings, and rapid-fire texts beginning at 5:15am since everyone knew I was either still up or up again on a day like this, there was a subtle shift.

The texts and messages went from sad and defeated to determined -- I'm talking several different friend groups across several communication methods, all different ages and levels of community involvement and political interest.

But within hours my friends were no longer mourning their loss, they were individually starting to plan their comeback, all around the same time and all with the same general ideas which included:

1. Helping those who will be hurt most. Little things that will lead to big things that our kids will remember as a reaction to perceived injustice. Like, no more engraved bangle bracelets or chalked wall hangings about being the change -- actually being the change.

2. Raising kids who love widely and broadly. Prompting them to be louder and stronger and bolder and more than we have been -- respectful revolutionaries. Most of my friends (including the ones that live in other countries) shared anecdotes about their children's reaction to America's election and the interest and compassion there is where it's at. They can do it.

3. Finding strong candidates we believe in and supporting them and the democratic process in a real and active way, in a feet-on-the-ground kind of way, starting ASAP. And I really and truly hope both sides will work harder to do better there.

All of these conversations went from "me too" to the stirrings of specific plans and suggestions of who else to talk to and all of this had happened by 1pm.

This isn't a "Well, next time we'll kick your ass" thing either. Everyone was mad and yet their first (well, second) reaction was to love harder and louder, and to close up the cracks we're worried will open and swallow the real people at stake.

Again, it feels good to know that the people in my life are mostly good, and willing to find a way to do what we believe is right in a way that doesn't directly hurt or threaten (anything more than the ideas of) those who disagree.

And this time I think we will.


Jennifer said...

I love this! Thank you!

TH said...

I'm still pretty pissy, hurt, sad. I'm trying to get over it, though. Pretty sure the kids and I are headed to a local cat rescue to read to the cats this weekend. If a hundred cats and kittens loving on me won't help, nothing will.

In the meantime, my more reasonable friends have shared this link, thought I'd share it here too....ways to help!!