Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Last Dinosaur Lawyer

"It's really too bad that there can't just be one dinosaur that still exists," little kid said on the way home from school today.

No one replied since no response seemed required.

"Not like a carnivore, obviously, having one random T-rex around would be a mess," he continued. "We'd have to fence it in or something, so it wouldn't just be tearing up cities and eating people, I guess."

"A Brontosaurus would be cool," the 13-year-old finally added.

"Those were always my favorite!" I said. "They don't call them that anymore."

"They call them --" I don't know, I think he said Patasaurus but I won't call it like that just like Pluto is still a planet.

"That's dumb, they're dumb for changing it. I'm calling them Brontosauruses."

"Just imagine, one Brontosaurus working as a lawyer in New York City somewhere," little kid continued.

"Why on earth would the sole surviving dinosaur be a lawyer, little kid?" His brother asked.

"Uh, why wouldn't he be?"

"For about a billion reasons, including a brain the size of an acorn, probably."

"Bro -- that's species-ist. Hashtag Brontosaurus Lives Matter. That Brontosaurus could have worked his entire life to achieve its dream of becoming a lawyer in New York City. Seriously...who do you think you are?"

"Mom, tell him the Brontosaurus could not be a lawyer."

"She's not telling me anything. She doesn't even know this dinosaur. You people disgust me. Dinosaurs have dreams too."


"What do you want me to do? The whole scenario is pretty improbable, I just don't see the need to get involved."

"You both disgust me, way to speak up for the common Brontosaurus, mom."

And then I think they kept fighting but I stopped listening for obvious reasons.

(Because I was imagining this dinosaur lawyer thing, and liking it.)


Unknown said...

I love that little kid still had his wild imagination and even big kids logic can't dampen it!

*logistically speaking - this brontosaurus lawyer has got to have a MASSIVE office*

Laura said...

He said apatosaurus. I'm also officially a boy mom considering I can produce that information without google.

Love that you are back to posting their conversations / interactions! They crack me up.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I just laughed out loud! Needed that!


Unknown said...

The hashtag kills me 😂😂 They have the best in car debates!

Unknown said...

The hashtag kills me 😂😂 They have the best in car debates!