Monday, November 8, 2010


 It's that time of the year where we listen to Ashley complain about the time change and how very tired she is and how time seems to go by super slowly, especially around bed time. I woke up way too early today!

So, here's some Halloween pictures instead of the biannual joy of me bitching about what time the sun rises and sets:

Harry Potter and Buzz Lightyear. 
 I made these witch's finger cookies. It took me a long time. They were almond shortbread cookies with strawberry jelly holding the slivered almond nails on. The kids hated them!! They were delicious though.

I made creepy touch boxes with witch's warts (raisins), Frankenstein's heart (Jello jigglers), vampire fangs (slivered almonds), troll skin (wet onion peelings), zombie brains (jello brain mold) and evil eyes (black olives). The kids didn't like this either. Big Kid wouldn't touch any of it and asked why anyone would stick their hand into a dark box that may have body parts in it. (FOR FUN?!?)

Other than the boring kids ruining all of my big plans, we had a great night. We had a lot of fun people over, went trick or treating, and then projected a movie onto the front of the house and partied while the kids sat in the yard and ate candy.

I'll probably do it all over again next year, minus the kids.


Bren said...

Those finger cookies are AWESOME!!!! You win Halloween mother of the year! The time change sucks too!

Anonymous said...

So I looked at the Halloween picture of the boys and said to myself "When did Little Kid get so big?"

Then I realized that Little Kid is the age Big Kid was when you started this blog! Just sharing a lil' memoir of mine.

Joy said...

that looks like a ton of fun why can't I live closer to you

Jennifer said...

We had a crazy hayride around our neighborhood. I'm not sure if I want to do it again, but David thought it was great.

asnell said...

I was more into trick-or-treating than my 6 year old. What happened to the drive and determination to get the "most candy ever"!

Cindy said...

I agree with everything @Bren said.

I love the costume part of Halloween (dress up is always fun), but I'm not too fond of the "holiday" itself. You may have changed my mind about how much effort I put into it next year. Very cool.


Julie H said...

I need to look into a movie projector thing that always sounds so fun!