Wednesday, July 6, 2011

North Bound

Later today we begin the drive up to Charlotte for the job interview on Friday. We're dropping the boys off with my inlaws in Savannah, GA. Is it terrible that I am far more concerned about what embarrassing nuggets of information they'll choose to share than for their general safety while we're gone?

I have forbidden them to talk about:
Nipples (little kid has a bump that he's hoping is a 3rd nipple because he thinks that's cool.)
That one time little kid saw boobs on the computer

There is to be no:
Underwear lounging
Unnecessary nudity
Rubbing our butts on people or sitting on them aggressively
Spanking each other
Peeing in the shower without the water running. (I know you can guess which one would do that but no one knows why)

I have emphasized that they should not do ANYTHING they would not do in front of Santa Claus or Jesus.

I know they will be safe...but will *I* be safe? That's what is important here.

I don't know whether to have you wish us luck on the job interview or not. So wish us luck on the kids not embarrassing us, at least.

Also, I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations on what to see or do while in Charlotte that may help me figure out if I want to live there or not.


Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure the kids embarrassing you are a given, but they're with their grandparents so it doesn't matter. Grandparents thing grandchildren are dipped in gold or something.

Auntie A said...

You could always bribe them - which is totally ethical in my book (and you know we all secretly do it anyway). Tell them that they each have $10 if they behave for the grandparents and then get the other one to rat the other one out if they do bad things which will reduce their $10 by a certain amount... I know, I know, it's probably what most people would call terrible parenting but the people without kids will never understand :-)!!!!

Lin said...

Bwahaha...these are some of the things I have to ask my husband not to bring up in public too.

Good luck!

Shell said...

Hope the interview went well!

Julie H said...

they should not do ANYTHING they would not do in front of Santa Claus or Jesus


Sherri said...

The Whitewater Center is pretty cool.
Other than that, just drive around some of the prettier parts of Charlotte. Myers Park is beautiful.
Just beware...the roads in Charlotte SUCK. I have lived here over 20 years now and still get lost. Roads will change names randomly, or you might have to make a hard right turn to stay on the road you were on...some true brain surgeon came up with the road system here. When I leave my comfort zone of South Charlotte I always take the routes I know. It isn't like normal towns where if you miss your turn you can just go another block and turn there. Totally Random. Ugh.
Feel free to email any questions while you are here. If I have an answer I am happy to share! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a little late responding to this, but I had to comment anyway. I moved from Charlotte to Savannah. (I can't believe I didn't know the in-laws live here) I miss Charlotte and I never thought that I would. There is always something going on there and lots of great shopping and lots of young families. The schools are great and many good areas to live. The lakes in Charlotte are very nice so you could still have fun in the water! I hope the interview went well and I wish I really "knew" you because I would have loved to see BK and lk in action in SAV!

Cricket said...

Good Luck with the interview! You know that there will be lots of talk about forbidden items BECAUSE it's not allowed :D

Anonymous said...

The kids kindergarten teacher told us "I won't believe anything they tell me about you if you don't believe the stories they tell about me." Maybe you could work that deal with your in-laws.

Lisalu said...

Hey! Update please, or we will have to create our own updates a la, Ashley accompanied dh to the interview and had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in front of the corporate president's office, and instead of a job offer they got an indecent proposal! Really, I hope it went well and that you loved Charlotte!

Jamie P said...

I love that last comment! Update, please!

Unknown said...

Going to the beach today and will update when I return (and find my camera cord!) No indecent proposals, lol.