Friday, July 29, 2011

Unlucky 13

I have just completed the 13th edition of my resume. I am so sick of myself and my work experience and my blahblahblah cover letters that I could scream. I write new cover letters for every job too, so I've probably written over 100 of those by now.

I have resumes related to:
Business to business marketing
Online marketing/social media development
Real Estate (Although it is my area of expertise, this is my most barf-tastic resume. The one I just completed was real estate-related and if I get that job, I might cry. No, I will cry. I will need therapy to get back into this industry.)
Customer Service
Writing (Copy writing, website content development, article writing, blog writing, and ironically....resume writing!)
Restaurant experience (I hardly have any--but since when do you have to?? I actually waited a ton of tables between 15-18 but I guess that experience expires because no one cares.)
Education/parenting (I have been applying for nanny jobs, people. Would you want me to be your nanny? Desperate times.)

I have been unemployed for a year and a HALF. Yes, I've started calling it "being a stay at home mom" and yes, I have started enjoying it but I have been continuously looking for employment and have gone on only 2 interviews--one with a creepy Craigslist psycho who lived out in the woods and had charges against him for assault with a non-deadly weapon toward his ex-wife. He warned me that she may attempt to get onto the property and if I saw her I had to call the police. I was offered that job but had to turn it down. Because I don't want a job that bad. 

But I do want a job badly enough that I applied at Wal-mart once. They weren't interested. But the next time I shopped there, my cashier had words tattooed where her eyebrows should be. HOW IS SHE A BETTER CANDIDATE THAN ME? It's a sad situation when "No facial tattoos" doesn't put me near the top of the application pile.

The whole Charlotte thing is on hold due to unexpected management changes and construction delays so we're in this awkward state of limbo with what to do in life. I'm thinking of going back to school because you know if I set down a large chunk of money and commit to something, Mr. Ashley will get a great offer in a city we love and everything can be all chaotic and complicated again.


Amy and Scott said...

I know exactly what you mean! We are in a state of flux and thought we would move to a different city, as that's what our employer had told us. So - we sold our wonderful house and got a terrible overpriced apartment for the meanwhile. Now our employer won't move us and I'm thinking about getting a new lease on a better place because as soon as we commit to being here for another year, we'll get an opportunity to move. Good luck to y'all - and YES, if it were possible, I would totally hire you as our nanny!

Elizabeth said...

I know exactly how you feel, when we moved to central florida in 2008 the unemployment rate was something like 16%! It took me 2 years to find a job, well that job let me go on thursday b/c it was cheaper for them to hire a temp then give me a raise. so i am back to sending out resumes everyday and crossing my fingers that i get a callback.

Jackie said...

I think you should go back to school! Unless that was a joke, in which case just keep your chin up.

However, I think the time you spend in school will suck. It will be not cheap or expensive (depending where you go and how you finance it), but you will look back and be happy for the next 30 years that you did it.

Could you apply to a program that has a lot of online components (getting WAY more popular) so that if you DO move, you coudl wrap up some of the courses online?

I don't know if you are thinking of going back for the full bach degree or if you can apply some of your existing credits to a degree...but definitely do the work and run the numbers...there are a LOT of tax advantages to school these days.

Lin said...

My husband had applied to Walmart once. They actually told him he wasnt qualified to stock their shelves. We laughed about it & even joked that maybe if he would have lied & jotted down that he was ex-felon on the application he might have been hired on the spot.

As bad as our money situation was then, I'm really glad he didnt get that job, ha ha. Sorry you had to put your moving plans on hold but I'm sure it'll all work out.

Unknown said...

I think I am going to go back--I already have all of the core requirements done and I have a good idea of what degree I'd like to pursue now (and what I've already taken fits well with that program). I called to make an appointment to talk to someone at a nearby university so let's see if they bother to call me back!

I do feel lucky to have not gotten hired at Walmart (LOL). Good luck Amy and Elizabeth, both are crappy situations. This economy sucks.

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

Awesome about going back to school! I really wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, my present job is so unfulfilling that I could just scream.....kudos to taking charge of what you want to do!

Good luck and go tell those Walmart people to suck it - they didn't deserve you anyway! :)

Mitch said...

I don't like all this staying in Florida talk! We have some great schools here, too!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

"...because you know if I set down a large chunk of money and commit to something, Mr. Ashley will get a great offer in a city we love and everything can be all chaotic and complicated again."

In other words, it will be my life. Because as soon as I put a big chunk o' cash down on the best private school EVER for J, that's precisely what happened. Except minus the "city we love" bit (because, let's face it, the Midwest is the Midwest).

Good luck, babe. At least you have that FULL DAY OF SCHOOL to yourself every day. I'm jealous of that.