Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where Do Babies Come From?

The other day we watched a video on Facebook of friends' kids as they opened an envelope and revealed the gender of their new baby. After much discussion of what their lives would be like with a new baby brother, little kid started asking questions about babies (and I HATE these kinds of questions):

"Where did she buy 'at baby brudder? How do you buy a baby boy for you's tummy?"

"Hmmmm. I am not sure," I said, not in the mood to get into it right then.

"How don't you know?"

"Did she say she bought the baby? I can't remember. I don't really know anything about buying boy babies," I answered almost truthfully.

"I'm gonna aks her," he promised. I ignored him because I hope he won't. And again, I wasn't in the mood for a big discussion right then (and to be fair, I spend 90% of his waking hours engaged in a never ending, all day long conversation with him. I talk, like it or not, even when I'm in the bathroom.)

"I think she's gonna be pretty shocked," he continued.

"Shocked at what? Asking where she got her baby? Please don't do that, it's kind of rude."

 "No--here's the shocking part...that baby's got to get out of his mom's tummy! That's pretty shocking."

Although we were going down a path I knew I didn't want to go down, I laughed and agreed that it was shocking.

"Were you shocked?" he asked.

"Yes. You could definitely say I was shocked."

"See? I told you."

And then, amazingly, the conversation was over.

And that's how not to talk to your kids about sex, folks!


Jessica said...

I find that using the word vagina in a conversation with my 6yo makes it end pretty quickly. I will admit that we haven't gotten down to the nitty-gritty sperm meets egg conversation and I'm not looking forward to it either. I'm definitely not going to instigate it, either.

Sasha said...

Well, P will be 8 next month, same as Big Kid, and I have to admit to not going there yet. All I have said is "Well, the doctor takes care of it, and it has something to do with your belly button."

That seems to stop the discussion, so I haven't gone any farther yet.

Jennifer said...

He's totally right though. It is pretty shocking when you think about it.

Theresa said...

We're about to have this conversation with our 7-year old. I already had to explain menstruation to him and the birds and the bees are next. I bought this book from the 70's called How I Was Made. Pretty straightforward.

Jenny said...

My 4-yr-old asked me one day if we were sad when he was in heaven. After asking him what the heck he was talking about, he said, "You know! Before I was living here, I lived in heaven!! Were you sad that I wasn't here?!" I have no idea where he got this idea from, but we're going with it!

Mitch said...

Ray is currently obsessed with how babies will get in her belly and how they will eventually get out (and, yes, that's how she phrases it). I have avoided the conversation by the basic mommy loves daddy thing...but then she asked Nana who freaked out and said it was all complicated and something mommy needed to explain. So... now I am bombarded with the question, "Mommy, why is it so hard to explain how babies get in your belly and how they get out???"

mmunford2000 said...

I am hoping to have the Santa discussion before the birds and the bees We have spoken about how you either get cut open (he can see my scar) or you have to squeeze it out (like a poop). We discussed sex briefly where we used the words egg, sperm and zygote. It was very scientific, etc. That was enough info for him. We never discussed how the limousine has to pull into the garage and let off its passengers. I know it is coming (no pun intended) and I am not looking forward to it!