Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Faced

I love Halloween and still want to dress up as a zombie, dammit, so we're renting a hotel room and going to a big zombie event.
I'm using this photo of a face that zips off as my make up inspiration:

So creepy. #Halloween

When I showed the kids they gasped, little kid with admiration, Big Kid with horror.

"You cannot wear that, mom!!" He insisted.

"Why not? This is cool!"

"Because--" he was flustered, stammering as he made his point, "Because everyone will see your....your organisms!!"

I seriously almost peed my pants.

And I'm totally going to let everyone see my organisms, I deserve to have a little fun.


Lin said...

Sucks about your neighborhood pals being criminal & thieves haha. Love that costume though, totally creepy.

Jessica said...

I hate buses. I hope at least the other kid got written up or kicked off or something. And I'm a hermit too. It's just easier that way. I kind of dread when my kids get older and want to bring friends home and I have to talk to their parents.

Melanie said...

So are you a criminal now that some brat touched your kid because I almost drew blood on the first kid to touch my child in a place where he thought no parent would ever find out? If you didn't damage the thieving bully then you should be proud enough of yourself to wear that costume with pride. I had to look at that picture for a full three minutes just to take it all in. Grossly satisfying.

Jennifer said...

I am so sorry about your neighbors. We just moved. To a whole other country. Well, two months ago, and I haven't made any friends yet and I am terribly sad about it. None of our neighbors has even acknowledged us..... it sucks. But, then.... I guess maybe I am just preventing myself from finding out they are all weirdos.. or criminals...