Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sectional Feeling

Mr. Ashley has decided we can't have a television in the bedroom.

So I decided I need a couch that's like a bed. Like one of those big sectionals that has the upholstered ottoman that fits into the non-sectional space? So I can lie on it and watch television restfully.

So there's been a ton of couch talk, couch shopping, measuring, explanations of how we can't buy a couch right now, more couch shopping, explanations why a $3000 couch is not going to happen right now, more measuring, color indecision (gray or aqua, gray or aqua?) and finally a (possibly pretend) agreement that we're saving up for my new couch (aqua!). We're going to go visit the showroom this weekend. Mr. Ashley will be so excited when he finds out, I'm sure.

The other day I was pointing out, again,  that it was impossible to cuddle on our couches (disparaging the current couches is all part of the plan) and I sang out, "That's why we need a Seeeeeeeectional!"

"Oh my God, mom! Gross. I do not need to hear about it," Big Kid said in complete disgust.

I was confused for a moment...and then I laughed my ass off.

And assured him that I don't do that.


Jessica said...

My favorite couch ever was a twin daybed. Oh, that was nice. It wasn't really good for sitting, but it was fantastic for lounging. Who wants to sit on a couch when you can lounge, anyway?

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! It took me a minute and I had to say it out loud a few times to fully appreciate...


Julie H said...

I have one. I really wanted that long piece now I hate it. So hard to move the furniture around.

Wiley37 said...

I just took static from one of the dance moms (my daughter Irish Dances
She's the tall blond in purple) because we only have 1 tv in the house so comfort is key. I prefer a small Lazy Boy recliner.