Sunday, March 2, 2014


So the Odyssey of the Mind competition went.....oookaaay. There was one really good part, which was the ending.

Neither of my kids made it to the competition because they were still busy barfing. I drove the rented minivan full of props up there by myself and encouraged, cheered on, and instructed kids that weren't my own all day long, with hours of waiting between each division of the tournament. It's a good thing I really like those kids.

And they got it done. I thought they did alright but according to their score, the judges disagreed. Oh well. The kids thought they did great, and said they had fun doing it and that they were sad to see it end. I am not necessarily sad to see it end (at all) but I did decide to have a party for my team on Tuesday...maybe because I might miss them a little bit. I couldn't let that crazy day be our good-bye.

And during their party, I will maybe forget to tell them their actual numerical score (I sent them home before we got the results, since it was late, taking forever, and we had a long drive back). I will play up the positive feedback and add some of my own and feed them pizza and cupcakes and this will have ended well.

This will have ended well FOREVER because I'm not doing it again, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER.


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Lisa said...

I walked into the parent meeting for my daughter's volleyball team having sworn to keep my big mouth firmly sealed SHUT, and walked out as the team manager - after what could only be a case of possession where someone else's voice spoke through me saying, "I can do that." So good luck with that never, ever, EVER again thing!