Monday, September 14, 2015

Mr. Right

The kids have been talking about 9/11 a lot since the anniversary recently passed.

"It was a scary day. When the first plane hit, it seemed like an accident but then the other tower got hit, and the Pentagon, and the plane crash."

"And the Octagon." little kid finished.

"No, Pentagon. Not Octagon."

"That's right. The Octagon was saved."

"No, there's no Octagon. You're thinking of the Pentagon. It's shaped like a pentagon."

"There is an Octagon though."

I started to protest and he continued, "Somewhere in the world, there is a building shaped like an octagon. For sure. And it was safe on September 11th."

I'm sure he's right.

He's always right.


Unknown said...

little kid is so awesome!! And I'm also sure he is right!

Unknown said...

There's an Octagon building in Roosevelt Island NYC!