Wednesday, September 30, 2015

True Wealth

little kid is really into reading this year.

His teacher offers full-size candy bars to kids who reach a certain reading goal, and that just sparked the love of literature into a full-on inferno.

"Mom, if you could have a Lamborghini or 9 really nice bookcases full of your favorite books, which would you pick?"

"The Lamborghini," I said without pause.


"What? I have a Kindle and a library card. No one's lending me a Lamborghini."

"You know what I would pick, mom?"


"I'd pick the books. Because I could read them all and get the knowledge and get into a good college and get a good job and get my own Lamborghini AND still have the books."

"That is an amazing answer! I'm really proud of you! I am so impressed by your motivation this year!"

"Now what would you pick?"

"Still the Lambo."


This kid's going places.

Maybe I'll even drive him there in my Lamborghini.

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Julie H said...

Meanwhile I'm explaining what happens if you don't graduate from high school to my 7th grader that is totally unmotivated to do homework.