Friday, March 25, 2016

Comcast Conclusion

So, the Comcast situation has not come to a conclusion -- I have.

After another full day of no answers, they finally emailed me and said they need one more document: a copy of my social security card.

I have a social security card. I could give them a copy and this could all be over.

But yesterday morning I was so tired and sad and I realized that I have now spent two weeks in various stages of fury in my fight to be right. I went from so happy in my new home to constant frustration. Also, there's a certain confused feeling when the company regularly awarded the worst in America doesn't want to continue having you as a customer and can't even articulate why.

I felt the way Jeb Bush must have felt when people liked Trump more.

No one should feel like that.

I feel a little bit of shame (and I know I shouldn't) that I live in a house that is barred from high speed internet. I don't like the last people who lived here either; I've spent a week picking up all of their trash from my new yard. But there's nothing I can do about that, it's not my fault or the house's fault and we're just trying to move forward together. However, even if I "won" the Comcast fight, the prize  (other than high speed internet) is giving these people who have treated me like absolute garbage a large amount of money every month and continuing my relationship with them.

There is no winning.

I love the internet. It is literally my job and I love my work, so it is my life. It is also 98% of my child's education and all of our entertainment.

But maybe I have to change the way I use the internet in order to maintain my integrity. I shouldn't have to, but maybe the real being "right" lies in doing the right thing. Also, we're now at a crossroads where my identity and integrity are at risk (because I can't trust them with my social security card -- they can't even keep track of the service address for two consecutive calls) which makes the decision easier.

It must suck to work at Comcast. It sucks to deal with Comcast. It sucks that I got so caught up in trying to get what I think is fair treatment that I ruined too many days of what really matters trying to fix it.

I'm going to have a nice life, slow internet and all, and that seems more possible without Comcast in it.

And that's the story of how the big guy beat the little guy, but maybe the little guy still wins anyway.

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