Monday, March 21, 2016

The Good Men Project

Guys, I'm never going to be officially moved in. Ever. I will be surrounded with boxes, with a turkey tablecloth thumbtacked over one of my windows, fighting with the customer service agents of various utility companies and wondering if the movers stole all of our spatulas (and if so, why) until I die amidst the chaos. 

Basically, the conditions for writing are not ideal. Don't get me started on my internet situation. 

So while I adjust and settle in to my new abnormal normal, please entertain yourselves with a piece I wrote over at The Good Men Project about raising my quirky kid and what I've learned about people and parenting through puppetry, of all things. 

Big Kid and Big Bird. 
I will be back when I'm done searching for things and yelling -- or before then, because I do a lot of that as a mom anyway.


Unknown said...

Rap Battles, hahaha. I feel like BK would kill it with his knowledge of things. perfect!

Liz B said...

Take a deep breath and maybe try to tackle one room and utility company per day...while drinking a glass of wine....

Great article about your son!!