Friday, April 22, 2016

Hair Color Karma

So, I decided to cheat on my hairdresser.

This was not a decision to be taken lightly. I love her, I'm just not in love with her anymore. And it's not her, it's me; we've just grown apart as of late, and maybe I take her for granted. I do that sometimes.

Also, I wanted something sexy and new. I was going to do that whole balayage thing because I thought it would be so forgiving between visits and I'd look like a super model, probably.

I explained the situation to the new hairdresser who waited patiently and then pointed out that a lot of my hair is gray and that going darker is actually not the answer. We decided to keep it lighter and add some depth and darkness to the top so I could skip salon visits guilt free.

And the end result is that I look more like a Waffle House waitress who's a month behind on the rent than a super model. This is not due to a lack of skill on the new stylist's part either -- I got exactly what I asked for and it turns out that I don't like that after all.

My anniversary dinner is on Saturday and my old hairdresser could and would fix this like the emergency that it is even though I created it myself, but I can't and won't ask, so that's a little bit of karma right there.

I love the new hairdresser, she is funny and authentic, affordable and skilled.

"Am I cutting your hair today, too?" She asked.

"No, I just got a hair cut, it was not a good situation."

"You just got a hair cut? When did you just get a hair cut?"



"It was really short though and I hated it."

"So, you did not just get a hair cut. Would you like me to just...trim it back into a hair shape?"

I allowed it and there was no associated trauma. I love that she already knows I have to be gently coerced into haircuts.

So, I had to confess that I've come to the realization that I'm too old to have dark roots on purpose, even if those dark roots are skillfully and beautifully done and that I was over the "less maintenance" thing now, hours later.

I go back on Tuesday. In the meantime, my hair looks like it did before, just in prettier shades and with less gray.

There is probably a life lesson in here about not betraying people who have your back, or about how I already have exactly what it is that I think I want, or maybe that what I think I want is not actually what I want, but I'm really too busy hating my hair to get all philosophical about it now.

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