Tuesday, September 13, 2016


My kids have iPhones.

People like to be all judgy about this, but they are used iPhone 4s, they were gifts, it makes my life more convenient and people would be judgy about something else if they didn't have iPhones, so put it on the list.

Neither of my kids is glued to their phone. That's not to say they practice a healthy amount of device time -- just that this particular bad habit hasn't set in yet. Due to their unfamiliarity with the phone and how it works, Big Kid accidentally tries to FaceTime me every time he means to call, and then immediately hangs up and calls because we are not a FaceTime-type family.

When it happened yesterday, I answered, "Did you want to FaceTime?"

"No. Sorry about that. I need you --"

"It's no problem. I could dance to Meghan Trainor songs for you, I know you love that."

"No, really, mom, that's fine. I'm ready to --"

"Rock the beat with Justin Timberlake? Right. I get it. You could dance too, that is the fun of FaceTime."

"Mom. Please. There are people around."

"Oh, that's fine! Perfect, really. They can watch. It you set the phone up on the table and call everyone around, it should work. I can turn Meghan up super loud too, let me get the bluetooth speaker."

"No, no. Mom. It's fine. We can do that later," he promised, realizing this bit would never end.

"But your friends may not be available later."

"Well, we'll call them. That's the thing about FaceTime."

"I mean, I suppose. I'm feeling good now though, it seems like my time to shine."

"I know. You could. It would be great. Really. I swear. Could you please pick me up now?"

"Before or after the dancing?"

"Mom? Please?"

And that's why my kids have iPhones.


Liz B said...

Hahahaha... Oh that is great. Ill be sad when my daughter is too old to enjoy my dancing or dance with me... But the evil side of me is looking forward to teasing her like this.

Ashley said...

The 10-year-old will still break it down anytime. And probably always will.