Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Musical

Today was Big Kid's 2nd grade spring musical. He was a carrot:

I dreaded going, like I dread all school events. I looked forward to seeing him in the carrot costume but could have skipped the rest.

But as I sat there and watched him and the rest of the awkward, squeaky-voiced, not-quite-big-but-not-quite-little 2nd graders, I cried like a crazy person. And the spring musical wasn't a dark comedy or anything.  I was silent and didn't make a scene but I could not stop the tears from coming. I didn't want to cry! I was highly concerned about my eye makeup! I don't think other people were crying!

I was filled with happiness and not sadness (thus the confusion about the non-stop water works) but I just couldn't believe he was in 2nd grade going into 3rd already, and he was so stinking cute up there, and I just wish I could freeze time forever and be subjected to a lifetime of terribly out-of-tune musical productions in rooms full of pushy parents with cameras for the rest of eternity, as long as I could keep him little.

I'm so proud I made that.

I wish I could keep him (with me) forever.

I've never cried over a carrot before.


Bren said...

I have cried at Maggie's school performances (and she's only 3 1/2). It's the whole "growing up" thing that gets me and how incredibly proud I feel. Yes I am usually the only one crying but I just can't help it!

Scott Testa said...

This happened to me yesterday in the Walmart produce area. I was standing at the deli while my oldest (also 2nd grade) was hunting for carrots for me (weird carrot connection).

I just watched him from a distance and realized he was big, too big. But still small. People thought I was crying over the long deli line.

MTGrace said...

Cutest carrot EVER!!!

Auntie A said...

You know that song "Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney - it is sooooooooooooo true. I was listening to it on my way to work yesterday balling my eyes out because my baby girl niece is graduating in June and it seems like she was a baby yesterday - how does this happen so fast? Pay attention to everything with your little ones now because in a flash they will be all growed up :-( and gone!

Jennifer said...

I have this happens sometimes. It always takes me by surprise.

Julie H said...

I do that all the time at my kid's things now. I never understood why people did that when I as younger. Now I know!

Melanie said...

As another mom who cries over the mere idea of my kids getting any bigger, I am with you crying for carrots. Plus, Big Kid is quite special and I can see why you would want him to stay just as he is for eternity with you. I detest the idea of days where they start smelling like boys and getting hair where it just doesn't belong and begin getting phone calls from giggly girls. The girl part sucks the worst.

Anonymous said...

I originally came across your blog because my little girl is going to be a carrot in a play next week and I was searching for carrot costume ideas. But now that I found this blog, I will keep coming back. I love the way you write. I too hate school parties and plays but will do ANYthing for my kids. You are not afraid to tell it like it is. Thanks!