Sunday, June 12, 2011


"little kid, stop! That's the emeny!" Big Kid shouted while they played video games.

"En-em-y," Mr. Ashley corrected.

"Emeny!" he repeated back.

"No, it's EN-EM-EE. Enemy," Mr. Ashley persisted.

"Emeny, I know."

"No! E-N-E-M-Y. En-Emy," Mr. Ashley insisted.

"Okay, I'll just say foe instead."

"That will work."


Renee said...

:) Love it!

Melanie said...

wow. I had a similar convo with my Little in the car this morning over the word "fell". Trying to convince him that the past tense of 'fell' isn't 'felled' took the whole ride to ADHD-approved summer school.

Oh, and I saw this on my BFF's FB page and you were the first person I thought of. Sad since I don't actually know you. I don't know if your kids sleep well, but the language reminded me of you. And rarely can you go astray with a children's book edited by Samuel L. Jackson.

Andrea said...

This convo sounds all too familiar. In our house, it's "jabambas" for pajamas, and "gorilla" for granola, and now "N-nom-Nims" for M&Ms.

By the way, I think our boys must be exactly the same age. My oldest is going into 2nd grade (age 8, as of today) and my youngest is 5.

Your story about your neighbor boy is 100% identical to our situation! Neighbor boy is right in the middle age-wise between my two boys and he always chooses the older one, and younger one cries. :( so sad.