Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dino Attack

I was wondering if letting little kid watch Jurassic Park would be a bad idea.

Now that I've spent 15 minutes discussing the various places he would hide from dinosaurs and watching 8-10 routines of how he would handle hand-to-hand dinosaur combat, I know that letting little kid watch Jurassic Park was a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

Little Kid is hilarious. All very reasonable questions.
Jurassic Park still scares the crap outta me, not gonna lie.

Alissa said...

LMAO! We watched the original one the other day and had almost the same discussions here. {Yesterday we watched the original Free Willy. I feel it is my duty to make my children watch all the same movies I watched as a kid. lol )

Julie H said...

That movie is scary! I'd be looking for hiding spots too if I thought it was possible they still existed :)