Monday, June 6, 2011

Missing Links

We've got 3 early release days until school gets out for summer (don't even get me started on how pointless 3 half days are) and I've got a head injury from cleaning out the refrigerator. I'm 85% sure I've got (or had) a concussion, it's been 4 days and the inside of my head still hurts like heck where the freezer door slammed into it. So excuse the recent neglect and the unorganized mess this post will surely be, I'm probably brain damaged.

I was going to do a list of links for you all but then I discovered that all of the links I have saved to show you over the last 3 months are not saved. This is a great disappointment. I've got 2 for you, which is pretty pathetic but it's better than nothing! Right? The rest are probably lost forever and there was some great stuff in there...but now you'll have to take my word for it. But here:

Admirable parenting: I can only hope to do something even half this grand one day.

Kaleidoscope maker: So fun! It is impossible to make an ugly one.

and here's a biography Big Kid did on an important person; he chose his brother:

little kid is my rough 4 year old brother. He was born in 2006. He is pretty rough for a 4 year older! He has two freinds named Ryan and....Ryan. :D 
He is in pre-k. He is always curios. He is also funny.  
I know when he is mad. Thats because...sorta hard to describe it. Well his Eyes get very low. That is how I tell when he is mad.  
A lot of people call him chooch. I still call him little kid.

(But he used his brother's real name, of course.)

I'll be back and better soon, I hope!

And don't worry, I have learned my lesson and will never clean out the refrigerator again. That shit is dangerous!


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you've posted that Kaleidoscope maker link before.


Unknown said...

I thought so too, Murphy, but I think I get a free pass due to the head injury. That shit still hurts and it's been a week!