Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My Facebook sidebar just informed me that 594, 750 people like kittens. This is mind-blowingly bizarre to me that sharing this kind of information has become such a normal part of our culture.

Who likes kittens? Click this button if you like kittens! It's important for people to know you like kittens!

I'd rather know who dislikes kittens, really, because you can't trust someone who doesn't like kittens.


Lin said...

Ha! In all honesty, I dont like kittens. I'm more of a dog person but I'm totally trustworthy :)

Anne Rose said...

I have a niece who is a singer songwriter. She once invited everyone who came to her performance to bring a kitten. No one did. What does this mean? Doesn't anyone like kittens?

Sasha said...

How about everyone disclose the color of Skittles they *don't* like. Then we can all trade. I will give you my purples and take your oranges for example. Much more helpful.

Heidi Robinson said...

Sasha, I like your plan.
I like red. And not green. Why do they even make purple skittles?

Unknown said...

Sasha, that's brilliant!! We can do it for Starbursts too, I have to get rid of the yellows.

Even if you dislike cats, how can you not like kittens??? It's a scientific fact that they are adorable to look at it, that's not even subjective.

Anne Rose, my only explanation is that people didn't have proper kitten access. I've been dying for a kitten lately, even shopped for one, but my old cat would be so pissed I couldn't do it. And as great as my old cat is, she's not concert-going material.