Monday, March 19, 2012


During a discussion about little kid's rampant snacking habits, Big Kid said, "You've got greed and gluttony, little kid."

"You've got sloth," I answered, since little kid doesn't understand the word gluttony or see anything wrong with greed.

"You're lust!" Big Kid replied.

Mr. Ashley and I gasped in unison. "Whaaaat?!? Big Kid, I am not!" I yelled, as Mr. Ashley snickered.

"You do! You sleep a lot!"

"First of all, I do not sleep a lot. I don't know where you all get this idea. Second, lust is when you love a lot of people...." I attempted to explain.

"Haha! You're definitely lust! You loves all kinds of people! Haha!" little kid chimed in (and I was on his side originally).

"I really think it involved sleeping. I'm almost sure of it," Big Kid mused.

"No! Trust me! It's when you love too many people romantically....too often."

"Still you!" little kid shouted. "You love Jack's mom!!"

"Well, this has taken a weird turn," said Mr. Ashley.

"I do love Jack's mom...but not romantically! I only love your dad romantically. I swear."

"I'm gonna have to look this up when I get home. I'm certain it involved sleeping...." Big Kid continued.

"Look, you're forbidden from looking it up. You're going to have to take my word for it. And I'm done talking about this now, completely done."

"Well, you do sleep a lot."


Anne Rose said...

Enjoyed your blog. Don't quit. :-)

Lin said...

Haha! Hopefully they don't end up googling lust..oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing Ashley! This 21-year-old Canadian college student misses you when you're gone ;)

Wiley37 said...

I hope he never finds the Urban Dictionary. My 15 year old said she was scarred for life when she wanted to know the song with the lyrics "from the window to the wall." The Urban Dictionary popped up with that bit of knowledge.