Saturday, June 30, 2012

Like Magic

About 10 minutes after I wrote that post, a friend of mine called and invited me to go see Magic Mike with her and some friends.

The socially awkward penguin inside of me is trying to tell me that we might not like the strangers, and 4pm is a weird time for a movie--but the Summer crazy person inside of me is choking and kicking the penguin and reminding it that we wanted to go see this movie with some friends and we were invited and to shut the heck up and go.

And that it will be cool. And dark. And quiet-ish.

And that Matthew McConaughey's butt will be on a 40 foot screen.

So I'm going to go. 



Melanie said...

Now you have me imagining a butt on a huge screen and it's kind of a weird image. I sure hope that movie is good because it's all I've heard about this weekend. Let us know if it's worth trying to sneak out of the house!

Alex said...

I am desperate to see that film, also. AND I heard it was actually good! Can't wait to hear what you thought.

Sasha said...

And???? How was it?

Coupon Trunk said...

Ooh, I've been dying to see that one! Will probably end up renting it when it comes out on DVD though.