Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer aka The End of My Freedom

Summer started!

So my fun free time ended!

Just kidding, I'm still liking it so far (it hasn't even been a full week yet) but it is a lot more work for me. And the beach is a whole different deal with kids. But whatever, first world problems. I think I'm just so happy not to be packing lunches or rounding up homework that I can deal with more noise and fighting and requests for games of Uno.

(I've started letting them win, just to minimize my pain. I know it's not a good life lesson but I figure I'm not doing it to boost their confidence, only to get out of more games of Uno, so it should be fine.)

I got roped into throwing Big Kid's class party since our stupid room mom had the audacity to move, and that was the disaster one would imagine an Ashley-organized class party to be. I brought 17 blown up beach balls for the 3rd graders to decorate and sign...that they destroyed school property and created general chaos with.

I may not have thought that one all the way through, but the good news is that I probably won't be asked to organize any more class parties. When the teacher thanked me, I could tell it was sarcastically. She's retiring this year and if she could have shoved us all out the door prior to dismissal, she would have, there was NO sentimentality there and I think my beach ball plan was a big part in that.

Oh well, the kids had fun and it was their party.

She got a cake.

So now we're working on the summer bucket list and this week I get to go out to the Everglades in the muggy, humid heat in search of the Skunk Ape (a mythological creature that some weirdo made up. I've met the weirdo, so I feel very confident calling him that.) little kid wants to know what our plan is if the Skunk Ape finds us instead of us finding it--which is a very good question.

My plan is to run.


Holly said...

Okay, I will finally comment after years of reading this blog (since it began as a web-shopping extravaganza!) only to say that you don't post as often as you used to, and that makes me sad, because you are hilarious and so are your boys! But I realize that you are busy with real world skunk ape problems, so you are forgiven! I will try to comment more often, but I am Internet-shy. Your blog is my favorite! Sorry it took me so many years to say so. Is it the cocktails talking, or the fact that I have 2 boys around BK and lk's age? Idk but you make me laugh! Thanks for that so much!

Sasha said...

Your classroom mom story made me think of that episode of Friends where they assign Phoebe "Ice" for the baby shower and she's all "Oh, I'll bring your ice!" and she brings like 10 types. So good.

Tara said...

To really put the fear in lk...just tell him you don't have to run just have to run faster than HIM (lk). That's what we tell our kids every time they bring up zombies and how we don't know how to fight 'em.

MTGrace said...

I must know more about this Skunk Ape. This may be something I have to search for - although North Dakota prairies probably don't have many places for something epic like that to hide!

Where are my North Dakotan Everglades??