Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank Buddha

Lately the kids and I have been doing yoga together.

This is every bit as relaxing and spiritual as you would imagine it would be.

(Like, not at all.)

It's very good for them though and we end every session by bowing to each other and saying "namaste", and that's about the most adorable thing ever. Sometimes I have to bribe them with candy but they seem to like it and they are improving each time. We mostly do it for the meditation aspects, and by that I mean I want 15 minutes of quiet every night. I will let you know if it pays off, so far so good. Mostly.

Somehow Buddha came up at some point and little kid asked who that was.

"He's the guy Buddhism is based on--" I started.

"NUDISM???" Big Kid yelled.

"No, Buddhism. The religion?"

"Thank lord." Big Kid said with obvious relief.

Thank lord indeed.

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JulieStyles said...

I took my kids to a mom/kid yoga class once, years ago when they were little. My youngest was not into it, and laid on his belly in what in a moment of wit I coined the "pouting pose". He likes to practice it to this day.