Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Job

How I imagine things go at Facebook headquarters:

"Wow! Things are going well!"

"Really well. Couldn't be better, really. That whole google+ thing ended up not being a problem, huh?"

"Yeah. Hey--do you think it's obvious we haven't really been doing anything?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like, you know, working? Or whatever?"

"Right, but everything is good. People seem to like it."

"Yeah, but we should probably DO something. You know? Especially since everyone's all "Blahblahblah, you handed over our information, waah, waaah, NSA, waaah."

"Like what, though?"

"I don't know. Something big."

"Maybe we could move everything that's usually on the left over to the right. You know how people look to the left for their notifications? Let's make them look to the right."

"Brilliant. I love it. What if we made the search bar a little bit bigger?"

"Good one. Done. We really went above and beyond there."

"Well, we're finished here. Want to ride in my Ferrari to go cash our paychecks? The seats are made out of endangered animal hides."


Unknown said...

Love this. Think it's pretty accurate. <3

Bren said...

This sounds like the conversation I had last night with my husband (for some reason my facebook didn't change until yesterday). How ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it! Will be sharing your post on my brandnew, vastly unchanged, yet totally different facebook.

Natalie | One Busy WAHM said...

Uh oh... more changes ahead? I guess you were the lucky ones and caught the first wave...

bookstalker said...

Too funny

Nova said...

Haha yup.