Thursday, February 20, 2014


I'm so tired right now that I just had a completely crazed, day-dreamy thought that if I lost one of my legs, people would HAVE to understand my need to slow down. I was starting to think of the easiest and least painful way to lose a leg before I realized this was probably not one of my better plans.

I'm that tired though.

I made a list and I have 8 jobs now. Some small and some that don't really pay me, at all, but 8 different people/places that expect things from me professionally and semi-frequently. How the hell did that happen when my main career goal was NOT to ever work again? But quitting 8 jobs seems like a shit load of work. And I like doing each of them, just not all at once.

I could do almost all of them with only one leg though, so that's not a solution after all.


JJB said...

I understand this tiredness... and this daydream. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has considered bodily harm...

Nova said...

I hope you are scheduling some down time for yourself in all that chaos, you can't keep 8 jobs (!!!???!!!???!!!) going forever, that sounds like an insane juggling act!