Monday, February 17, 2014


little kid is grounded from Minecraft (including Youtube videos about Minecraft, because these are as addictive as the actual game) for a week for repeatedly forgetting to bring his homework to turn in on Fridays.

It's about to be the longest week of my freaking life.

My morning began with some "morning snuggle time" that involved stealing all of the covers while I was still asleep before launching into a rambling conversation about baby horses and how impossibly long their legs are, and how absurd it would be to put a baby bonnet on a baby horse and try to put it in a baby carriage so you could feed it a bottle. Have you ever done that, mom? No? Would you put a saddle on a baby horse and try to ride it? Why not? But you could, right? No? What about the baby carriage thing? If you had one that was big enough...? No? Have I told you about the baby horses in Minecraft with their long legs? No? You don't want to hear about them? Their legs are long.

Then we went over every pet I've ever owned in my life time. I have had A LOT of pets.

Then I begrudgingly woke up. I was having an amazing dream before this began, by the way.

He decided to have an apple as a morning snack and sounded like a baby horse while eating it. Now he's swatting a balloon around the living room--his second balloon, actually, the first one popped, loudly, and they keep landing on me while I try to prepare for an important job training thing I'm doing later today. It's morphing into some strange jumping jack/flailing/balloon swatting nightmare.

A week of this?

I don't know, is homework that important?

Would it be illegal to lock him outside for a week? Or just frowned upon?


Nova said...

We have a balloon swatting problem in our house as well. I'm considering "accidentally" stepping on them all.

Echo aka The Mad Mommy said...

Sometimes, punishing our kids is more punishment for us!

I feel your pain! I hope you make it through!

Unknown said...

I feel like this also when I punish my son and remove the computer and gaming consoles. I'm hoping he learns something from all this punishment because it is torture!

Caitlin said...

So I don't have kids, but the idea of a kid swatting a balloon all day/all week just sounds...unbearable.

Julie H said...

I'm so incredibly glad my son decided to clean his room late last night because I had told him he was going to have a whole week without electronics. That would have been a really really long week.