Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oswald and Lola

I feel pretty bad for not mentioning this sooner, but I've been busy (in a good way!) with writing gigs that I get paid for, which puts you all lower on the priority list and that's why I need to win the lottery.

So I should probably play the lottery.

I did announce it on Instagram but some of you don't follow me there and I try not to hold that against you.

But, anyway, we got a new family member! Meet Oswald:

(His last mom took that picture and I had to steal it because it's amazing.)
His real name is Oswald Jaron McCann. His middle name is to honor his former owner, but we like to call him Ozzie Hogbourne because we don't understand the concept of nicknames and enjoy over complicating things.

He's chubby and has a round, pudgy butt. His pink nose is precious. He is very active and social and sometimes he bites, which I think is hilarious because he only does it to Mr. Ashley and little kid and they deserve it. He doesn't bite in a mean way, more in a curious fat kid kind of way. No one cares, we all find it amusing.

He likes to show us his teeth, and I'm not sure if it's a threat or a smile. He is very clever and can easily escape from his playpen by pushing up on each hinge until he finds the latch. He is also litter trained -- none of my hogs have ever accomplished that.

He likes Max and Max is completely obsessed with him, to the point where it annoys me to witness the lack of personal space but Ozzie doesn't care. 

I am crazy about him! He makes me smile each time I see him and I love his soft, roll-y poly little body. 

His introduction to our lives felt like one of those meant to be life events. Mr. Ashley and I had been discussing our love for Lola and how it might be fun to have another hedgehog. He even looked up the breeder's Facebook page that Saturday before we realized this might be a crazy idea. The next day, a friend of some friends posted Oswald on a Facebook sale site free to a good home and after 20 minutes of it being posted, I was the only one who commented. I messaged her and pointed out our friends in common and told her how Lola ran the show around here and what great hedgehog parents we are and within half an hour, there were dozens of comments begging for Oz but she chose us. 

I picked him up the next morning and fell in love with his silly butterball self. 

The day after that, I took Lola to the vet for an injured foot that seemed slow to heal: 

After much poking, prodding, coaxing, and eventually drugs, she unrolled and was diagnosed with either a urinary tract infection or uterine cancer. (The manic running that caused the cracked foot may have been some sort of odd symptom but was not our biggest problem.) After three vet visits, injected antibiotics, syringe feedings and begging two vets to consider surgery at any cost, it became more obvious that it was cancer and we had to help her off to hog heaven.

My poor, sweet hoglet.

I wouldn't have been able to replace her, and wasn't mentally in a place where I could consider taking on something else to love that I would inevitably lose (because, frankly, it's getting a little old at this point) but, man, am I glad to have my adorable little Ozzie to distract and entertain me. I really need the comedy goldmine that he brings to my world right now.

So this is a happy and sad story, just like life.

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Melanie said...

Ozzie is wonderful, and at the same time I'm so sad about Lola. I don't think I picked up from IG that you lost her. I've only interacted with one hedgie years ago, and he was kind of a dick. In his defense, his owner was a young boy who had zero interest in him once he figured out he was nothing like Sonic the Hedgehog.

A.D. said...

Congrats on Ozzie, and I'm very sorry about Lola. We just lost out kitty a few weeks ago to cancer, and it broke my heart. I've decided my next pet should be a large bird because it will probably outlive me, and it will be so annoying that maybe I won't get attached to it. I have a history of bonding with annoying pets so it's probably a bad idea. I'm glad that Ozzie is there to distract you and that he found a great family to love him!

The Lovely One said...

So sorry about Lola.

Are hedgehogs illegal in other states? I've never seen them for sale in any pet store around here (in Cali).

Enjoy your new Ozzie!

Ashley said...

I didn't really mention the Lola situation on IG because I feel bad that I'm so doom and gloom lately! I do miss her though, we had really bonded, especially in taking care of her during her decline.

AD, I still miss my cat Pearl and it's been 1.5 years--and I mean actively, every day, longing miss her. It sucks. I can't deal with birds though because they're assholes. So good luck with that!

Lovely, I do think they're illegal in various places but I didn't really check to be honest...oops!

Sasha said...

So sorry to hear about Lola..... I love how the universe steps in and gives you just what you need (Ozzie) sometimes. And that chair picture... I die!

Cindy * GoodHaus Design said...

You are:
A) SO funny.
B) Insane.

Then I got to the part about Lola. I'm sorry. And I'm tired of having reasons to tell you I'm sorry. You need to catch a break. xoxo