Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Early Dismissal

I'm finished with the school year.

It doesn't officially end until next Wednesday, but I have zero fucks left to give. Zero.

I am not worried about letting anyone down when it comes to end of the year parties, teacher gifts, summer reading lists, turning random shit in, etc. I am not worried. At all. About any of it.

Today I chaperoned a field trip (I know, I know) and there were still 30 minutes left in the school day when we returned. I asked his teacher if she cared if I took little kid home then and she said she did not -- I secretly suspect she's all out of fucks now, too.

As I was checking him out, the front desk lady asked, "And what is the reason for the early dismissal?"

I realized they wanted a legitimate excuse. I'm not against lying on a good day, but I didn't even have that left in me.

"I'm just done. It's the end of the day, it's the end of the year, and I'm done now. I'm done." She stared at me for a moment of shocked silence. She looked conflicted about what to do next.

"Can you write that on the thing? Mom's done. I just chaperoned a field trip if that..."

"Oh, yeah. You're done then. Go home and have a cold glass of iced tea," she said with a laugh and we both know she meant a big glass of wine.

Because we're all done by now.

Anyone who isn't is a lying liar who is lying through their lie hole.

(I do still reserve the right to complain during the summer about how these kids are driving me crazy.)


TH said...

My kids' last day was last Wednesday. The final 2 days were early dismissal...what kind of sick joke is that? Before the end of the first day of "summer vacation" I was DONE. I'm already half way through the liquor I thought would get me through the summer.

Ashley said...

Our last day is early dismissal and I HATE early dismissal. The only thing worse (and more pointless) would be two days of early dismissal. Seriously, what is the point??

Becky said...

First grade teacher here. I ran out of fucks about 2 weeks ago. Thankfully I am a good actress and hid it well!