Monday, June 8, 2015

First Week of Summer

I survived the end of the school year. It was dicey there at the end. I skipped out on an end of the year teacher gift and went with a handwritten note from little kid instead -- I feel bad because she was great but my doctor advised me to skip all extra stress once I explained my out of fucks to give dilemma.

I am my own doctor, by the way.

Mr. Ashley's work was sending him away for some job training, so we hitched a ride with him, crashed in his hotel room and are making it a vacation. I bet he's thrilled. I would have sworn there was strict company policy against it and rolled around in the hotel bed ALONE, so GLORIOUSLY alone, but he's nicer than me, I guess.

Or not as smart.

So the boys and I are exploring Jacksonville and St. Augustine for the next few days, all by ourselves. Wish us luck -- and by us, I mean me, because I'm outnumbered, out of my element, and naps will be tricky to pull off here.

In a few weeks, I'll probably have to go out of town for work which means I'll book the cheapest local hotel I can find, lie, and hide from them all while doing no work at all.

But so far so good.

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Anonymous said...

Omg your blog is perfect! I drive school bus and have been out of fucks to give since mid September, your blog makes me smile