Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And I Know It

The other day at Home Depot, I walked up to a manager and a teenage employee to ask them a question before checking out. The manager was 40-ish, balding, chubby--perfect Home Depot manager. He answered my question and I thanked him, and then out of nowhere he broke into that "I'm sexy and I know it" song, which he continued to sing, complete with sound effects, as he moonwalked down the aisle and around the end cap.

It was incredible.

The teenage cashier was obviously mortified but I have probably thought about this guy every single day since. It was one of the funniest spontaneous things I've ever seen and if I knew his name I'd write a letter to Home Depot headquarters about him (but I'd probably leave out his actual actions, I'd just mention that I enjoyed my visit because of him.)

He has become a legend in our house and much to Big Kid's dismay, I've got little kid singing the song now. Big Kid DESPISES the word sexy. It makes him visibly cringe. I never realized how prevalent the word was until I realized how sensitive he is to hearing it. I finally had to try to explain that it wasn't really a bad word, just not an appropriate one but he still hates it. So he's not impressed that I've got little kid singing lyrics like, "I'm sexy and I know it," and "Girl, look at that body. Girl, look at that body. Girl, look at that body. I work out!"

And I know he's right. But it's too funny to stop.


Lin said...

Haha this is husband is a home depot employee & has also been singing this song like crazy. However I know for a fact he wasnt your home depot dude cause he's only 28 & not balding :)

I think it's hilarious that you have little kid singing this!

MTGrace said...

LOL! I would pay good money to see that! He wins Awesome of the Week in my book!

celi said...

That Home Depot manager rocks!! And I love that LK sings the lyrics. Sorry BK!

Jennifer said...

That is pretty funny stuff.

Drew's Mom said...

That guy rocks! Way to make a customers day for sure.

jackie said...

You know, if you really wanted to make somebody's day, you could call up home depot and ask who the M.O.D (manager on duty) was whenever it was that you were there. Or, i fyou don't remember, just say you wanted to know the name of the manager that [describe him...nicely...] because he was very helpful.

Then shoot an email to corporate. All that stuff is super easy to do and literally makes a retail employee's month.

I say this because I worked retail in grad school. Corporate is super impressed when clients call in to say nice things.

now that i'm older, i try and always mention when someone goes out of their never know, it may be the one thing that makes them smile that day!