Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

While working on Big Kid's Mr. Fredericksen costume from the movie Up, he asked what I was going to be.

"I could be Russell!" I said, "I could get a boy scout uniform and...."

"Mom, you can't be Russell. He's a little boy!" Big Kid insisted, looking worried.

"Well, Mr. Fredericksen is an old man and you aren't an old man." I pointed out.

"But Russell is a boy. You're not a boy. It's just not normal for a mom to dress like a little boy."

"Oh. Well, then I don't know what I can be if you won't let me be Russell," I answered sadly.

Days later he asked again, but I suspected he was double-checking to make sure I hadn't procured a boy scout uniform somewhere along the way.

"So, did you ever decide what you'll be for Halloween, mom?"

"Yes! I was thinking about it and I'm going to be Kevin!" I said with excitement.

"The...bird? From Up?" Big Kid asked, looking very concerned.

"Yes!! I'm going to wear, like, a one piece blue bodysuit. A tight one, I think they're called unitards? And I will attach some feathers to my butt and maybe wear a headband with some feathers? I'm thinking a shiny blue body suit, so I'll stand out. And we'll go everywhere together so people will know who I am!"

Big Kid looked absolutely horrified as I described my vision, I could see the growing panic on his face.

"Just kidding, Big Kid, I'll wear my skeleton dress again."

His relief was obvious. "Skeletons are a good costume for moms. That's a good choice."

So, no shiny blue unitard for me, although I think it was a damn good idea.


Lin said...

Haha, you're the best mom ever! Your boys looks adorable but big kid takes the prize on this darn cute.

Jennifer said...

If you have the body for a shiny blue unitard I think you should go for it.

I went out and bought a witch hat last night because my daughter pretty much demands that I do something in the form of dressing up.

bootsie q. mcgromblestein said...

oh my goodness, i love Big Kid's costume!

p.s. when did little kid get not so little?

JT said...

They're adorable! Happy Halloween!

Lisalu said...

Awww...his old soul insides match his outside for one night!

MTGrace said...

The boys look so cute! (But they always look cute.) Too bad you couldn't have been Kevin. The would have made an AWESOME Mom's Who Dance video!

Cake said...

Very cute costumes!

Being Kevin would have been almost as awesome as the dancing moms website!

Julie H said...

And little kid is a ninja. Of course. LMAO!!