Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hot and Cold

little kid just confessed that every time I take a shower, he flushes the toilet a few times so I have no hot water. He relayed this information while laughing hysterically at his cleverness.

This would explain why no one else seems to run out of hot water as quickly as I do. But why? Why would he do this to me?

I swear this kid has been ruining my showers one way or another for almost 6 years now.


Jessica said...

Will you be seeking some sort of revenge?


Why would flushing the toilet take away hot water? It should take away cold water & scald you since toilets are typically only hooked up to the cold water line.

Unknown said...

Good question, Tara. In other houses, flushing has always made it hot but not here.

I attempt revenge daily, Jessica, but you can't out master the master.