Monday, August 20, 2012

Me Again

Today was my first full day of freedom again.

It was wonderful.

I sat in silence. 

I watched trashy tv.

I went to the bathroom without anyone banging on the door.

I talked on the phone.

I took a shower without having to stop even once to find out if screaming in the house was related to playing or a break-in and murder. 

I ate hard boiled eggs and only had to peel the ones I was going to eat.

I ran errands and then stopped in Home Goods. For the hell of it. And not one person there asked me when I'd be ready to go home. Or for me to take them to the bathroom. I just looked around. It was pretty amazing.

At first there was a sort of urgency to do "something" that wasn't possible before with them around (gambling? strippers? drugs?) and then as the day stretched before me, I started to miss them a little (but not a lot).

Then they came home and I was reminded that I get to do all of that again tomorrow, with some yoga and solo pool time added for good measure.

Life is good.




I had my first day back to freedom on the 6th. I was so excited, I couldn't figure out what to do. So I sat home & did nothing. It was good too. :)

Eric said...

So eloquently put! Love it ...

Eric said...

Eric didn't post that. I (Julie) did. His name pops up on everything! Need to change that. :)

Wiley37 said...

Thank God the twins go back tomorrow (juniors in high school)!

I am drama-ed out - especially with love life problems. My son tells me EVERYTHING. He says he is surprised at how calm I remain (in my head I am screaming).

I am going to blast "Fall is Just Something that Grownups Invented" followed by "It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year" at 6:30 am tomorrow.

I am so getting a facial - I need to erase the 20 years they put on me in the past 2 months.


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo tired of the moms that are all oh noes I don't want my babies to go back to school. I love them them being home with me. (I envision throat punches when I hear that bullshit). My kids asked for two more weeks. I told them they wouldn't survive two more weeks. This mama needs her break.

asnell said...

I am surrounded by those moms too! As Ashley said once..."They are Liars!"

I wish school was year-round sometimes.