Saturday, April 27, 2013

People Haters

Last night Mr. Ashley said, "I hate people."

"Me too!" I said. "I was just thinking earlier about how much easier life would be if it was just me and a world full of cats. If I only had to associate with cats."

He scoffed. "No! Cats are assholes!"

"People are assholes! A world of cats would be wonderful. All quiet and everyone just doing their own thing. No phones, no traffic, no working, lots of naps."

"Ashley, they'd be running around shitting and pissing everywhere."

"They'd be outside! Running free! I wouldn't have to clean their litter boxes, who even cares?"

"There would be kittens everywhere. Cats breed like crazy."

"Kittens are in the 'plus' column! I love kittens! There aren't nearly enough kittens running around. Kittens are cuter than babies."

"I don't know about living in a world full of cats."

"I don't know about living in a world full of people!"


1 comment:

The Lovely One said...

I could definitely hang in a world with more cats than people.