Monday, May 6, 2013


"Do you know what the worst thing in the whole world is, little kid?" I heard Big Kid ask.


"No! Not everything!" As if that was ridiculous.

"Then what?"

I was curious to know what my sensitive little humanitarian would come up with.

"Social studies. Social studies is the worst thing in the world."


Social studies? He's clearly still mad about having to learn the state capitals.


Sasha said...

I'm with Bid Kid! I am terrible at all thing geographically-related. Even time zones. I passed the CPA exam, but cannot convert EST to CST.

asnell said...

I'm with you Sasha! I panicked when we moved to Colorado. It's out there in the left-middle where all the states look the same!! They are all the same size, kind of square. Not nearly as easy to pick out as Louisiana!

The more I help my kids with their homework, the dumber I feel.