Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Almost 7

Tomorrow we leave for an out-of-state wedding. You know the one that's had us all nervous about my hair? You're nervous, right? You should be--hot rollers did not go well. At all. I'm better with the curling wand these days, but there's still an excellent chance of giving myself 3rd degree neck burns. BUT OH WELL. I'm just going to try not to.

We've rented a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains for after the wedding. During all of this packing, and preparing, and neck burning, I keep trying to imagine myself with my feet in a nice, cool, fresh creek.

We had plans of horseback riding through the mountains but before booking, I noticed that in the frequently asked questions, it said riders have to be 7. little kid won't be 7 until August.

"little kid, we might have to round up if they ask your age. You're almost 7, so I think that's okay."

He looked alarmed. "Wait, wait. I'm only 6."

"I know, but you turn 7 in August. And you're very brave and listen to instructions well--I think it will be fine. Probably just an insurance thing."

"That would be a lie!" He insisted.

This was a conundrum, because it is indeed a lie.

"Yes. A little one. Mostly just rounding up though--you are practically 7."

His eyes filled with tears. "I'm not gonna lie, mom! I'm not going if I have to lie!"

I was surprised by his sudden truthiness. This is a child who lies every night when I check to make sure he's not out of bed.



I was also proud of him, and felt slightly relieved that his moral compass is intact.

"Well, we can be honest about it, but that might mean no horseback riding. Do you understand? We'll tell the truth, ask if that's okay, but if it's not, then that means we just can't go. Okay?"

Looking sad and worried, he said okay.

I explained our dilemma to the owner...who said he had to be 7. There is no reward for telling the truth.

So, we won't be horseback riding in the mountains--but we will be honest. (and I'm pretty pleased with that, too.)


asnell said...

Well you had to prep him because if you had gone up to the desk/window and said he was 7 he would have busted you on the spot! My kids have done that MANY times when I have tried to get some kind of discount.

He is going to figure out real quick that sometimes a little lie will get your butt on a cool horse! HA! Have fun!

Renee said...

Good for little kid!! Lol. Sorry you won't get to ride horses though. Are you going to be in VA?

Unknown said...

No, Renee, we'll be in GA.

Yes, it's a good thing I brought it up beforehand--the consequences could have been mortifying.

He did the right thing!

Cassadie said...

Aww shucks, little kid. A truth telling kid is worth far more than a day of horseback riding in my book.

Tara said...

Have fun in the mountains! We've been to the Blue Ridge area several times...beautiful! We live a little north of Atlanta.

As for the curling wand...could you maybe wrap a towel around your neck while you're styling your hair? To help protect your neck.