Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

I survived the wedding with good hair and without any 3rd degree neck burns, so I would consider it a success. 

 It was a very traditional Southern wedding and little kid was confused by the presence of two cakes. 

"One is the groom's cake, it's a tradition in some places. So, the big one is the wedding cake that they both picked and the fishing one is the groom's cake," I explained. 

He looked perplexed and a little irritated. "So everyone has to share tiny slices of the wedding cake, and the groom gets to eat his own cake? That doesn't seem right. How's he going to eat that whole cake?" He was disgusted, if not slightly envious. 

They were the greatest ring bearers in the history of weddings (which is easy to say since most ring bearers do a mediocre job, at best).

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Anonymous said...

Your sweet boys are so adorable! You do realize I am still jealous that your boys are still little, don't you? Mine are too big and grown up. If you were in South Carolina during your trip, I'll be sad that I didn't meet you. However, I'll be in Hollywood/Miami at the end of the month .... so a bit closer to you.