Sunday, June 23, 2013

That time I was an idiot again

I did the stupidest thing ever this morning.

I woke up and went to hot yoga. (No, wait, this is actually not the stupid part.)

Next to me was one of the employees of the yoga studio. As you all know, I volunteer there. As you may or may not know, I still feel like a socially awkward penguin there and am convinced a few of them hate me even though that's probably not true. She's one of those people though--never smiles, never talks to me, and keeps it as short as possible if she has to.

I remembered during my last shift, a yoga teacher and I were looking through her Facebook pictures and she showed me one of a cute pregnant lady doing paddleboard yoga and said the name of this employee. I latched on to a reason to speak to her next time and was excited that the opportunity presented itself.

After an unbelievably intense session of hot yoga, where our sweat literally rained down upon the floor and we were all soaking sweat and shaking but feeling proud and euphoric, I turned to her and said, "You are an inspiration!"

She smiled but looked confused.

"Doing this pregnant!"

And she said, "I am not pregnant," as her face, and my heart, fell.

I went on to assure her that she didn't look pregnant (although maybe a little) and explained what led me to say that. Her face softened and she assured me that there were many people with her name, but I clearly ruined the day for both of us and went ahead and gave her a reason to hate me.

So now I have to quit yoga, right?

And people.


Monniemare said...

I did the same thing this week!!!!! I said it to the girl at the nail salon as I was getting my pedicure. I was so embarrassed when she said "I am not pregnant, just fat". I can never go back there again.

I feel like I broke the woman's code of "stuff you NEVER say".

Melanie said...

Yeah, there's just no real way out of that one. As a girl who spent several years with a lovely belly as a reminder of my second pregnancy, I understand being the girl that others look at and wonder whether to congratulate. Luckily, only one rude New Yorker ever accused me (repeatedly and emphatically) of an incorrect pregnancy (and almost died painfully), but the fear was always there for me.

That said, crap happens and we are all offended by something at some point and we all get over it (or die trying). Maybe YOU became HER "inspiration" to do more hot yoga! Maybe you actually did a good thing and she will totally want to be your BFF now. Or maybe she'll just not glare at you as much. Either way.

See? This is why we agoraphobics just shouldn't leave the house.

asnell said...

I could look about 4 months prego if I didn't suck it in while in public. I'm with Melanie...maybe you inspired her. If someone said that to me I would definitely start doing crunches!

Julie H said...