Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Time

So it's been summer for eleventy billion years now. Have summer days always been this long? I swear I look at the clock 6 times a day thinking that it must almost be time for dinner and it's never anywhere near time for dinner.

A minute ago, both kids were fighting on the other end of the sectional. There was some slapping and shoving involved. I'm so over it already that I only bothered to remind them to keep it over there on their end.

That was followed up by declarations from each that the other was ruining their life.

"Six years of nothing but straight torture!" Big Kid insisted. "Nothing but misery and pain."

I rolled my eyes, ignoring them both.

"HE IS RUINING MY LIFE! MOM! HE DOES NOT LOVE ME! HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF," little kid shouted as he was sent to his room for smacking his brother for saying the dog was dumb.

I've made like 952 lunches somehow and it feels like we've been stuck in the house for 2.5 years. Each day feels like it will never end, which makes me suspect that summer may never end.

I guess I'm going to take them down to the pool again.

And try not to leave them there.


MTGrace said...

I'm sooooooo with you! There are definitely days with my 9 year old that I would like to lock her out of the house and leave her out there for a week.

asnell said...

Here too. Part of me feels guilty because we haven't really had any fun yet this summer (lots of Colorado wildfires) but the other part of me feels guilty for wanting school to start tomorrow.

It makes me feel better knowing other moms feel the same! We put too much pressure on ourselves to have a FABULOUS SUMMER!